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At our scrap yard in South Manchester we salvage your vehicles and buy scrap metal for cash - We give the best prices for scrap metal, scrap cars and vehicle recovery, and we are always sure to scrap your car to the official DVLA standards.



 scrap your car at our scrap yard in South Manchester and Stockport

 scrap metal dealer at our scrap yard in South Manchester



Here at South Manchester Salvage, we offer the most competitive cash for scrap for scrap metal and for your vehicle than any local car breakers or scrap metal dealers. We can even recover your vehicle if it no longer runs!

Our scrap yard in South Manchester is your number one site for guaranteed cash for scrap, scrapping your car or purchasing spare parts. We buy both ferrous and non-ferrous metals and scrap all vehicles big or small!

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As professional car breakers and scrap metal dealers we will always offer you a fair price for your vehicle or scrap metal. Get in touch with us, and we can come to pick up your unwanted vehicle to take away for scrapping. All of our vehicles are bailed and destroyed to DVLA standards, meaning you have the peace of mind that comes with disposing of a vehicle legally and correctly. 

We have plenty of spare parts for cars, vans and 4x4s. If you are looking for a part then giver us a call and we will see what we have in stock in our car breakers yard.

We will inform the DVLA of the vehicles destruction and issue you with a certificate of destruction.

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Simple get in touch with us, and we can transport you vehicle to our scrap yard in South Manchester. We transport cars, vans and 4x4's. We have been known to transport caravans from Manchester to London!

"No job is too big or too small for us"

We have the equipment and years of experience to ensure your vehicle's recovery goes smoothly. We do everything possible to keep your vehicle safe and secure in transit.

Contact us today to discuss a quote for vehicle recovery.


care breakers at our Scrap Yard in South Manchester

cars scrapped at our Scrap Yard in South Manchester 







Call us for collection, bring your scrap metal to us, or contact us for a quote, and we can give you a great deal on cash for scrap.

We scrap ferrous and non-ferrous metals of all kinds, including lead, copper, zinc, aluminium, iron, steel, nickel, titanium, chromium, cobalt and more.

Your scrap metal is then re-used for other purposes within other industries, such as stainless-steel production and aluminium smelting.

This has the environmental benefit of saving a great deal of natural resources being used by these industries, and it gets you paid as well!

Turn your scrap metal to cash today with our scrap for cash quote form. Tell us what scrap metal you have, the estimate weight and whether or not it needs collecting and we will contact you with a guaranteed best price.


We accept the following ferrous and non-ferrous metals:

• Copper
• Iron
• Lead
• Brass

• Aluminium
• Stainless steel
• Cable







We are an independent, family-run car breakers and scrap metal dealership who have been going strong for 27 years at our scrap yard in South Manchester.

We have a great deal of experience and knowledge within the car breaking and scrap metal business, and we like to maintain a friendly, trustworthy relationship with our loyal customers.

We always have the time to answer any questions you might have, whether you want your car scrapped or are even looking for one to buy!

We always have time and energy for each one of our customers, and we are happy to share our knowledge and advice with anyone who wants it.